Cooperative Notes Signing Ceremony between MASA and Royal Malaysian Navy, Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency and Marine Police Force

Malaysia Shipowners’ Association (MASA) and Malaysia national maritime security agencies have taken a step forward with the signing of a Cooperative Notes that was held at LIMA March ago, for linking collaboration in strengthening maritime security and prosperity of the maritime community in Malaysian waters. The signing ceremony was witnessed by the Deputy Minister of Transport of Malaysia YB Dato ‘Ab. Aziz Kaprawi.

MASA would like to extend high gratitude to our ‘3 strong ‘muafakat’ cooperation – Royal Malaysian Navy, Malaysian Coast Guard and Royal Malaysian Police Marine for a successful collaboration which has brought towards a glowing and timely event such as this. Each agency has a history of collaboration and MASA heartened that this spirit of cooperation and friendship is strong and it certainly augurs well not only for the partnership but also for the benefit to all maritime fraternity in managing any issues pertaining to any safety and security to ensure the safe, secure and free passage of vessels through major sea-lanes of communication in Malaysia.

The initiative began when MASA courtesy visit to meet with Malaysian maritime security agencies to discuss the issues of maritime safety in Malaysia. The result of the meeting, all parties involved have agreed to sign a Cooperative Notes which will form further collaborative networks between MASA and agency maritime security agencies in Malaysia to strengthen maritime security and prosperity of the maritime community in Malaysian waters.

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